Welcome to nanoUtah 2015!

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Thanks to everyone who attended nanoUtah 2015. We have made the presentations from nanoUtah 2015 available for download here:

nanoUtah 2015 Downloads

NanoUtah will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at the Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology USTAR building on the University of Utah campus.

(For those of you wondering about your calendar, it is the Tuesday of Fall break at the UofU, and will not interfere with UEA break for the K-12 kids.)

Our nanoUtah focus this year is strictly based on collaborations that will form successful multi-PI nanotech grants as well as new business collaborations and new product opportunities.

We seek your involvement in any of the following areas:

  • RAPID FIRE PRESENTATIONS: Utah researchers, students, and members of the business sector will present very brief, six minute overviews of their research interest and the problems they face that require nanoscience and engineering solutions, with the intent of facilitating collaboration opportunities for further research, partnered development, and potential commercialization. We are especially interested in specific grant RFP's or product development opportunities where targeted expertise is required and can be invited during the presentation. Abstracts Due September 14th
  • POSTER SESSION: Researchers and students are invited to prepare posters to facilitate face-to-face interactions that will enhance effective proposal grant writing. Students are especially encouraged to enter our student poster competition. Abstracts Due September 14th
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