Equipment List

nano-scale Imaging and Surface Analysis  (co-located MRSEC shared facilities)

Please visit our page for nano-scale Imaging and Surface Analysis for a complete list of the
instruments and processes available.


Please visit the equipment pages for a complete list of all equipment available
in the Utah Nanofab Cleanroom.

Electrical & Magnetic Characterization Lab

A user facility equipped with soldering and electrical test stations co-located in the microscopy suite at SMBB

Verigy 9300 SOC IC tester

Microsense FCM-10 vibrating magnetometer (VSM)

Keysight 404A Mixed Signal O-scope

Keysight E5061B Network Analyzer

Keithley 4200 parameter analyzer with 4 SMUs

Micromanipulator semi-automatic probe station

Microfluidics Prototyping (cleanroom and anteroom) Labs

SCS PDS 2010 Parylene

Plastic sheet cutting

PDMS precision dispensing & lamination press

Aligning and bonding

Corona discharge UV/O3 plasma treatment

CEE Spinner/Coater Glove Box and Vacuum Oven Suite

CO2 Laser micromachining (dual laser cartridge, 10W and 75W)

Excimer laser (Ar:F) micromachining (pending installation)