Safety Training and Test

All lab members who plan on using the cleanroom must attend a safety training session and must pass a safety test before using equipment in the UtahNanofab cleanroom.

Safety Videos

Safety training videos are available here: Watch Safety Videos.

Nanofab Buddy Policy

The University of Utah College of Engineering mandates that no one is allowed to work alone in labs containing hazards.  Refer to the UtahNanofab Lab User Guide for details.  Visit our Buddy System Tools to help you implement this policy into your research routine.

Report a Safety Concern or Event

Use this form to document any Safety Concern or Event observed in the Nanofab, even if you have informed Staff.

Incident Reporting

If any person is injured or exposed to hazardous materials while in the Nanofab, it is necessary to document the event.  Certain paperwork is required by law, others for the University.  Refer to the OEHS Injuries or Illnesses page for details.

In addition to the forms listed on the EHS page, a Nanofab Incident Report is to be completed.  This report will remain with the Nanofab and may be used to improve safety protocols and procedures.

2017 Safety Training and Town Hall Meeting

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