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Attend a process review (RSVP only) or talk to Eric to see if we are going to require one.

Attend a safety/orientation training.

Pass the safety test with 100%.

Send Eric Fluckiger ( a picture of the front and back of your UCard. Note: if you don’t have a UCard, you will need a vendor card instead. Contact Amy Lash You CANNOT enter the cleanroom without a U or vendor card.

Request Training
Please be as specific as possible. Tell us why you don't think the system was working as intended. Provide critical information and give context.
Tell me EVERYTHING that you can about your substrate, or, attach a powerpoint/slides with a cross section of every layer and its material. Note: an NMR will be required for ANYTHING that we do not carry in stock (bare si wafers, double side polished, pyrex, etc.)

Please upload any files you plan to use in the Cleanroom for your design