Heidelberg DWL66+ Photomask Production and Direct Writing or Grayscale Lithography Service

How to Have a Photomask or Photolithography Pattern Printed on Your Wafer or Substrate

  • Design your photomask/photolithography pattern in a CAD program and export file to DXF format (or BMP for grayscale lithography)
  • Email CAD design file to Nanofab Cleanroom staff https://www.nanofab.utah.edu/lab-staff/#process (Brian Baker)
  • Select photomask size and print resolution, or send your substrate in for patterning. Photomask sizes: 5″x5″, 7″x7″, 9″x9″. Substrate sizes: Tiny chips or pieces up to 200mm diameter wafers.
  • Staff will examine your file and give you an estimate for print time and cost
  • Set up a Nanofab account (https://workauth.cores.utah.edu/#/offcampus)
  • After you approve/authorize the design, staff will print and ship your photomask or patterned substrate to you