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Requests and Services

  • Service Requests: Request a service from a member of our staff. We can help you do sample analysis, process design and a variety of other services.
  • New Material Request: If your process requires the use of special chemicals or materials, please fill out this form to get approval for safe use of such materials.

Other Resources

ownCloud File Storage

ownCloud is a file storage service that allows you to upload, store, download and share files online.  It supports browser access, desktop clients and webdav access.  The service is very similar to Dropbox.  We are offering access to our ownCloud server to all lab members for lab-related activities.  We hope that this will be a useful tool for storing images and documents that are used or generated in the lab.  Please read below for details on accessing and using the service.
Accessible via web browser.  Older versions of internet explorer will not display the icons correctly.
Accessible via webdav.  From the program CyberDuck on both Mac and Windows systems.  Open connection and select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) server: .  Fill in your username and under the More options select path remote.php/webdav.
MacOS accessible from finder.  Go>Connect to server,  server address  then enter username and password.  Make sure to use https instead of plain http in the address.
Windows add network place.  For location enter after it finds the server  you will be prompted to enter username and password.

Desktop Synchronization Clients

Allows selected desktop folders to automatically be updated and synchronized.  Downloads available for desktop app or smartphone app.


Must be accessed via web browser interface.  Mouse over to folder and look for highlighted share icon.  When clicked, the share withcan be replaced with text for another microfab user.  The share with link box allows to be shared via email to any email address with options for both password and link expiration dates.
When the recipient clicks on the link, the contents of the directory are available to download via browser.  Individual files can be downloaded my mousing over the file name and then clicking download.  The entire shared directory can be downloaded by clicking on the download button at the top left of the screen.