Precious Metals Thin Film Deposition and Patterning

How to Have Your Part or Wafer Coated with a Precious Metal

  • Services provided
  • ALD Atomic Layer Deposition: Pt (other materials also available)
  • Sputter: Au, Pd, Pt, Ir, IrOx (adhesion layers (Ti, Cr, etc) and other metals and insulators available without breaking vacuum)
  • E-beam: Au, Pt (adhesion layers (Ti, Cr, etc) and other metals available without breaking vacuum)
  • Contact Nanofab Cleanroom staff with coating details (material to be coated, desired thickness, substrate/part material and size and quantity) (Brian Baker)
  • Staff will examine your requirements and give you an estimate for coating time and cost (e-beam, sputter, ALD are available options)
  • Set up a Nanofab account (
  • Ship your substrates to Nanofab Cleanroom staff 
  • After you approve/authorize the process, staff will coat your substrate/part and ship it back to you