Billing Rates

Utah Nanofab Cleanroom billing rates:

Utah Nanofab EMSAL billing rates:

On-Campus rates are subsidized by the Dean, College of Engineering and the University Vice President for Research.

Overnight unattended runs are to be scheduled as follows:

      • For the FIB: 5:00pm to 8:00am
      • For the SEM MAPS software: 5:00pm to 8:00am
      • For Cleanroom tools (Disco Dicing Saws, Heidelbergs, STS Etcher): 5:00pm to 8:00am

Nanofab Cleanroom Billing Model (see rate sheet)

The following aspects of the billing system apply to U of U campus projects

      • A monthly per-student, per-project spending┬ácap (see rate sheet for details)
      • Costs recovered by tool usage and tool reservations only
      • Charges are per hour and vary by tool (set by the costs of operating that tool)
      • Lithography charges are simplified per coating event, where the event charge includes all coat/develop/alignment and wet etch costs for that instance.
      • No gowning or daily entry fees
      • No billable cost for use of small tools and metrology instruments in the cleanroom
      • Free (trained) safety buddies promote safe 24/7 lab utilization

Automation enables easy real-time access to all current spending reports for any lab, any student researcher, or any month the following for all lab members and PI’s on a project.

The design goals of this approach supporting (VPR and COE) subsidized on-campus users additionally include:

      • Infrequent users benefit from lower hourly tool rates, per-tool
      • Moderate and heavy users benefit from a spending┬ácap correlated to heavy use months

Supply Rates

Current rates are shown on the HSC Supply Order Forms.

Rates are subject to change.